Nowadays, Web apps become a vital part of our lives. Whether it is connecting with people on Facebook or attending a business conference using skype. We can do such things remotely just by staying at a corner.

To build such progressive web apps it requires a high degree of skill to handpick the best-fit frameworks.

And this is where laravel comes into developer mind. The only language to aid you in all aspects of web application development.

There’s a pool of frameworks available outside. But, what makes the laravel so unique, popular, and a first choice to get the ball rolling.

Here is the list of 12 remarkable features of larvael, which helps you unleash its potential and capability comparatively with others.

Authentication Technique

Authentication becomes simple and painless with the laravel framework. It allows you to leverage hassle-free coding styles to build large scale web applications. You can use a variety of methods to arrange control access and authorization logic to multiple resources.

With easy configuring, it provides a secure working environment and reduces the chances of unauthorized access to a great extent.


The object-oriented programming of the laravel makes it highly powerful and convenient for you to develop apps at a rapid pace. 

It gives you the advantage of reusing codes, easy troubleshooting, flexibility, and time-saving.

The object-oriented gives better productivity and also improves the security of the laravel applications.


The artisan is an integrated command introduced by laravel to reduce the complexities of tasks.  It reduces your manual efforts with automation techniques.You can easily create database architecture for migration purposes, which ultimately resolves your conflicts related to data management.

Moreover, you can generate custom commands and MVC files according to your requirements.

MVC Support

The model view controller support provided by laravel is a very helpful and useful tool. It provide features like unit testing, caching simple verification, session handling etc, which make the development of user interfaces less painful and fun to do.

Indeed, it also boosts the performance of your laravel application in all areas. And let you give the power to build high-end web applications. 


For majority of us, security is the first and foremost concern that comes into mind while developing web apps. And laravel understands it very well. 

The hashed passwords used by laravel prevent the password to save in plain text formats, making it highly secure and safe from illegitimate access, cross-site scripting attacks, SQL injection, and other vulnerabilities.

Database Migration

With laravel, migration becomes easier and it lets you to seamlessly update the database and make changes in the application database schema without any major complications.

The agnostic database support provided helps you to easily create tables over the laravel database system.

Blade Templating Engine

The availability of control structures, custom directives, and loops pushes your application development at a rapid rate, enabling you to develop a large number of applications quickly. 

It is considered as one of the most significant features provided by laravel with great advantage.

Unit and Feature Testing

Testing is really a nerve-wracking task. But laravel covered it creatively and easily. The unit testing features allows you to effortlessly identify the loopholes present in the application.

It is a flexible and reliable way of testing the application thoroughly in less time. The unit testing enhances the application in all areas like speed, performance, security, etc.

Route Caching

The route caching increases the loading speed of your web application while precompiling the routes. 

So, whenever the request is made it directly loads from the compiled file rather than checking the routes each time.

It optimizes application performance and delivers exceptional results. 


The open-source of such advanced and powerful language is really a big deal. There are numerous frameworks available in the market which are way too expensive, but still, they are not able to compete against laravel.

The functionality and modernity make it ahead of its time. And that’s why it is one of the most renowned frameworks that exist globally.

Large Community Support

The responsive and round the clock support you get from the laravel community is beyond the expectation. They always keep an eye on their frameworks and bring new enhancements regularly to foster it.

The great community support of laravel makes sure that your web applications are untouched from technical barriers.

Well-Structured and Detailed Documentation 

The documentation approach of laravel is one of its kind. Sheer volumes of information can be aligned in an organized manner.

It reduces the efforts of reviewing existing documents to a large extent and helps you to remove bottlenecks from the development process.

Final Words

Laravel, without a doubt, is one of the best and dominating framework ever built. The modern and robust features make the laravel best-suited and one of a kind to fulfill the huge demand of today’s web application development. Such potential and ability to build high-end and powerful applications give laravel a global prestige. 

So, if you are thinking to build web apps, remember laravel could be the wise choice for you..!

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