When I typed “best places to visit in winter,” Google set forth Travel Triangle’s article in its featured snippet. The article has in-depth information on what to visit in winter and why. The article is not the only charm of the site. The web design is beautiful enough to offer you unbeatable user experience.

Here are some glimpses of Travel Triangle’s beautiful website:

Travel Triangle’s beautiful website

Image Source: Travel Triangle

The point is, do you think this article ranked well if it wasn’t for content and web design?

Try it yourself.

Go to Google and type anything. Take note of the first four rankings results. You will surely find them nourished with great content and appealing web design development. That’s the key reason why they appear at the top rankings.

Now, do you think that they rank first just by default?

There are 2 billion people online. 93% of all online activities begin from search engines. Each second 40,000 online searches take place summing up to 3.5 billion searches per day.

Tell me how many chances businesses have to appear at online searches? Why only a few companies make it to the top while others rot on the second page of Google where only a research-oriented person will bother to check out?

Those few online businesses that you always find at the top of Google search engine rankings are furnished with SEO + user-focused web design to make their site float ahead of the competitors.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a strategy to enhance your website’s rankings on search engine results. It involves everything from content strategy to online marketing to designing a website that impresses users as well as Google.

Check out the below image from SEO Site Checkup to understand the importance of SEO and Web development.

What is SEO?

Image Source: SEO Site Checkup

In Spite of knowing the value of SEO and web design in today’s competitive search engine market, businesses either don’t implement it at all or fail to apply the right strategy at the right time. Maybe you don’t have enough time to look after online marketing strategies as you have to grow your business too. Or perhaps you don’t know what to do at what time.

That’s where SEO and web development services come into play.

If you are worried about breaking your banks for hiring services, think again. By not having SEO, you are already losing the chance of grabbing billions of online searchers. Apart from that, I will give you nine more reasons to consider before you decide to ditch SEO and web design services.

9 Reasons Why You Need Website Development and SEO Services

These nine reasons offer crystal clarity, regardless of the business type or size, on why you need SEO and web development services to take your brand at the worth-noticeable level.

1. To Save Time, Money, and Resources

It’s not like businesses don’t follow any online marketing strategy. They do. But most of their efforts go in vain when their website doesn’t turn up on Google’s first page. For example, online businesses spend on an average $2.32 on CPC (Cost Per Click) of Google ads, but how many do you think click on Google ad?

Leave others, when was the last time you clicked on Google ads. It’s no secret that users believe more in organic searches than paid ones. SEO works with a critical aim to put your site on the organic search listing instead of relying on paid methods which are not sufficient. Thus, SEO saves your time, money, and resources wasted behind old-school strategies.

2. To Get High Search Engine Rankings

Businesses don’t quest for rankings only. They want their site to reach the top rankings as nobody clicks the second page of Google for further research. 75% of users never go past the first page of search results. On the contrary, searchers will change their search terms to find out what they are looking for on the first of Google.

Today, competition is about staying longer on the first page. Smartly applied SEO tactics and web design methods keep your ranking high for a long time.

3. To Spread Brand Awareness

How will users know about you?

It’s not that they are coming to you on their own. If users want a solution, they will jump to search engines where they find top companies representing a solution to a problem covered in beautiful designs.

Not that you can’t compete. Best content never fails brands. But it is the SEO that guides you on what to create, how to create, and where to promote. SEO makes sure your content reaches the right ears and hence, improve brand awareness.

4. To Increase Your Business’ Organic Search

Do you know SEO organic listing accounts for 90% of clicks? And if you don’t rank organically, you are losing a big chunk of business from online users.

Brian Dean, the most popular case-study content creator, performed an SEO experiment to increase its organic reach. He applied one of the trendy SEO strategy named Skyscraper technique to increase its organic traffic by 652.1% in merely seven days.

Look at this graph shared by Brian Dean showcasing sudden organic traffic increase:

Analytics Reports

Image Source: Backlinko

That’s the power of organic SEO for websites.

5. To Build Trust and Credibility

Apart from taking care of high search engine rankings, SEO and web development looks after users as well. With proper SEO, your brand will shine everywhere. Your customers will post comments and reviews under your brand name, which works as word-of-mouth in the online world. The more customers recommend you online, the better trust and credibility your brand builds. As a result, the more customers you get.

6. To Deliver Better User Experience

SEO and web development go hand in hand.

Long gone are the days when developing a beautiful was enough to impress Google. If you are not aware, let me tell you that Google can’t interpret images, so it relies on text and data to recognize your site.

So stop relying on eye-catchy designs for Google rankings. Now you need a website that gives the right signal to search engines regarding what your site is about. And the proper format for your site to deliver the outstanding user experience. SEO gives you a direction to build a site for users as well as search engines.

7. To Raise Your Sales

Complete Plumbing Source, an online plumbing retailer, wanted to expand its online operations for which they turned to SEO. Within two years, the total sales of the company increased by 2000% with leads continually moving upward, and organic traffic was on the high rise.

The job of SEO is to increase organic traffic and revenue in turn. If you appear on time and at the top of search results, whenever users search for you, you increase the odds of getting more leads. That’s what SEO is all about – on the right time, in front of the targeted audience.

8. To Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

Are your competitors everywhere?

Do your users prefer competitors over you?

What do they do that you can’t?

I don’t doubt that you are creating much better products or services than your competitors. Still, if you can’t reach them, the problem lies in your marketing strategy, not in the product.

SEO covers all areas ranging from content creation to social media to web design development. It spreads your product in all corners of the web world and turns you into a brand. When you start appearing at all places, users won’t hesitate to give you a try for a change. From there onwards, your brand comes as the first choice over competitors.

9. To Keep the Leads Flowing

SEO never sleeps. It works 24/7 on your site and content. Even at midnight if people find the urge to get a solution to the problem, they will turn to search engines.

This chart from Hello Bar shows how exactly SEO works day and night:

To Keep the Leads Flowing

Image Source: Hello Bar

If you have applied the right SEO strategy, you will appear first on Google, and those visitors will turn into customers. Hence, the flow of leads keeps going as far as you swear by improving SEO and web design as per the changing users’ demands, technology, and Google as well.

Do you need it?

Forecast signals SEO spending to be increased by $80 billion in 2020. Brands are well aware of SEO and web design values. They have already started spending on SEO and web design services to give a boost to their sites. The day is near when competition may get tough.

Before it’s too late, drop message here to hire SEO and web design services now to be on the competitive agenda.

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