There is a pool of web frameworks available in the market to build web applications faster and with fewer efforts. But when it comes to a robust, stable and powerful framework, the majority of developers across the globe thrive on Laravel. The only web framework to provide the right tools and features for web development. Equipped with all modern and advanced amenities required to build successful web apps. There’s no doubt that laravel is the first choice of developers which makes it one of a kind and most recognized framework.

Do you know, there are more than 1 million laravel sites exist and some of them are used by fortune companies..!

It sounds mighty though, isn’t it…!

Recently laravel brings it’s latest update 7.0, what makes the difference is the enhancements introduced in it, which are capable to lighten the burden of developers smartly and productively. This is a great effort made by laravel to provide unexcelled features to its community.

So, without further due,

Let’s hop in to take a ride of laravel 7.0 new features.

Laravel Sanctum

Finally, the most awaited feature is here.

The new laravel Sanctum makes the authentication process simple and straightforward which results in a highly secured single page application. Tokens can be easily generated without using complicated oath. You can now create API tokens easily using the airlock functionality.

Blade Component Tags

The blade components in the 7.0 version are enhanced to a great extent making things easy for you to allow tag-based rendering, inline view management, and component classes, etc.

You don’t need to re-write the codes every time, as an alternative you can reuse the codes. You can use plain PHP codes according to your views while managing HTML attributes.

Custom Eloquent Casts

It allows you to build your own custom cast types in eloquent models. Use the GET method to transform the raw value into cast value and to reverse it use the SET method.

Faster Route Caching

This new upgrade doubles the route registration speed using cached routes. It makes the leverage routes caching simple and quicker for large-size applications. 

Moreover, the improvements in route caching are very helpful to optimize the performance of web applications while reducing bottlenecks and overheads.

HTTP Client

Communicating with web applications now becomes easier with the minimal API provided in the laravel 7.0. It enables you to easily make outgoing HTTP requests to Guzzle HTTP Client.

The HTTP Client makes the error-handling easier from which you can easily differentiate the error whether it is a client error, server error or successful error.

CORS Support

The Cross-origin resource sharing strengthens the security of your assets and helps to restrict the access and other HTML requests coming from the external sources.

The CORS also helps to avoid malicious activities that may be executed during the accessing process.

Multiple Mail Drivers Support

Back then, laravel only supported one mail driver which makes things complicated for you.

But in the new update, your concerns are completely resolved and the functionality of the multiple mail driver is improved and extended.

Now you can configure multiple mail drivers using single applications.

Database Que Improvements in MySQL 8+

Improvements in larval 7.0 improve the data structure and queuing functions of arrays, tables, lists, files, records, etc.

These improvements make the larval web framework suitable for production purposes while using MySQL 8+.

By using SQL enhancements, you can use database drivers in the production of sheer volume of applications.

Stub Customization

With the new stub:publish command you can make changes in files that are created using artisan or they can publish common stubs for customization purposes by using this command.

You can customize the default stubs just like the way you want.

Query Time Cast

The purpose of this function is to implement casts into programming during the execution of queries.

The with Casts provided in the laraval latest version make things easier for you as it helps them to easily apply casts while executing from raw string types attributes.

Markdown Mail Template Improvements

The markdown template is now more attractive, modern, and up to date which can also be customized and personalized according to requirements of applications.

Pre-built templates are also improved in the new update which also helps developers generate plain text counterparts automatically.

Artisan test Command

Running tests become easier with the artisan test command. It delivers you excellent outcomes and great user experience whenever you run tests on the laravel applications. The console UX provided in the artisan command is attractive and easy to use.

It gives proper visualization of the ongoing tests to make things straightforward and easy to acknowledge.

Queue Max Exceptions Configuration

It is a new option for a queue which tells you how many times a job will fail or retract. In general, you can find out the max exceptions of the job class takes to execute.

Final Words

With the new release, the larval clearly made their mark and opened new horizons for developers to boost web development effectively, creatively and with less complexities.

They have made every possible effort to provide advanced features for developers and hopefully, they did it. The laraval 7.0 PHP framework is the perfect match to develop modern applications for the modern world.

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