Well, we all know how SEO is used to drive tremendous website traffic and increase website visibility. But to achieve such great results there is a process involved known as backlinks or link building.

So, let’s understand what are backlinks.

A backlink is basically a hyperlink or link of your website which is intentionally attached to other websites. And then it redirects to another page of websites.

There are mainly two types of Backlinks

A. Dofollow Backlinks

Links that redirect the user from the referring website (Other Website) to the linked website ( Your Website). These links positively impact your search engine results.

For example, you have written a blog in which you’ve attached a Wikipedia link to provide more info to user about the topic, and eventually, when the user reads the blog they will click that link and land on Wikipedia page. So that’s how it works. Here Wikipedia is a referring website and your blog is the linked site.

B. Nofollow Backlinks

Just like Dofollow links, it also redirects the user from the referring website to the linked website. But Nofollow links are not counted by search engines. Therefore it does not impact your rankings either positively or negatively.

Well, the quality of backlinks really matters to get higher SEO rankings. But how quality of backlinks matters, well the backlinks are of two types: 1. High-quality Backlinks and 2. Low-Quality Backlinks.

High-Quality Backlinks 

Links generated from websites which are reputable, have high domain authority, and worthy to google search engines.

Low-Quality Backlinks

Links generated from websites that are not-reputable, have low domain authority, and not counted by Google search engines.

Here are the 5 best ways to build backlinks for your website.

Guest Blogging

It is one of the trustworthy and productive methods of getting high-quality back-links with required anchor text. In guest blogging your written article is published on other websites, which eventually give you leads and backlinks too. The process is so simple yet productive to website owners.

There are tremendous sites available on the internet that take guest posts. You can get sheer volume of traffic by using guest post and that’s what makes it buzz-worthy. There are plenty of advantages of using guest posts like it gives quick exposure to your brand, increases your online presence, etc.


With the coming of advancements in graphics works, info-graphics have gained a lot of popularity lately. Well, it is known for representing the data and information in a very appealing and eye-catching manner. It is a proven way to get desired links with high quality and as per one’s requirement.

All you need is to showcase every single detail of information, data with a unique approach. Many companies across the world provide info-graphics to generate back-links and to give the best information to their targeted audience.

Users are always impressed and attracted with eye-catching designs and visualization of data. 


Testimonials are very important for any business. It is an intelligent way to convey the potential of your service around the globe. Testimonials not only help you get high-quality back-links but also shows the determination and proficiency you hold in delivering world-class service.

Writing a testimonial for a company that you have worked with is a smart way to get back-links for your website. That’s why the majority of clients asked companies to publish their testimonies as it is beneficial for both parties.

Business Directories 

Like other, business directories are another easy way to get quality back-links and traffic to your website. It increases the visibility of your business and helps you to boost SEO rankings. All you need is to provide your business information to trusted and high ranking sites, and after a while, you will start getting the desired results.

For example, you had an automobile company and if you create your back-link through a restaurant website. It doesn’t count..! No matter how many you have. Besides that, it will ruin your website authenticity and reduce the trust score on Google.

It is also said that business directories are a traditional yet powerful method to connect with targeted customers. Using online directories also helps you to create a strong base to increase your online presence at a global level.

Promote Your Content

No matter how great your content is written on a website. It is useless until visitors read it. You have to make your best effort to make your content noteworthy. And once the visitors find your content interesting, then they will send it to another person or share it on social media.

In this way, you will start building back-links effortlessly and with higher quality.


Building back-links for your website is not difficult as it seems, all you need is to work with useful tactics and legitimate strategies to get desired outcomes. There are tons of mediums available on the internet to generate quality back-links and to achieve great SEO ranking results.

Well, I hope the above-stated methods will give you in-depth insights about how to build back-links legitimately and effortlessly. However, some illegal (Black Hat SEO) shortcuts will overnight provide you back-links with a sudden hike in rankings, but once it is caught by google algorithm then it is useless.

So, always remember that the back-links are the backbone of your website. Therefore, always use highly-authorized sites, trusted online mediums, and legitimate ways (White Hat SEO) to build back-links.

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