Development of Static Website In The World of CMS

The debate on whether to develop a static website or dynamic CMS website have started again. With the popularity of WordPress and Joomla, this debate ended a decade ago, but now it is gaining traction again because of the increasing complexities of CMS and rising facilities by Static Website generators.Continue Reading

Part 2 -Advice to New Edge Developer

Many talented developers, despite of having excellent skills, fail to get a desired high paying job. That’s because they focus only on development and technology while leaving interview skills behind. They think that if they have talent, there’s no need to excel at anything else. But tell me, is thereContinue Reading

Part 1 -Advice to New Edge Developer

Since the age of smartphones, technology is making a big space in the world. Users want technology to handle their everyday tasks. And brands are looking for a way to insert technology in their product so that they can make tech-savvy products for users. With the increasing demand of technologyContinue Reading