This is the final part of our laravel ecosystem series. Till now we have traveled too far and I hope that throughout the whole journey you have got to know the importance of the laravel ecosystem in web development. 

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5Vapor Deployment


API authentication becomes less complicated with the passport. It allows you to integrate open authentication 2.0 (OAuth2) in the application. 

The passport gives you full control over retrieving user data, removing, or adding data. By taking user permission you can get access to their data in application. 

Key Advantage of Laravel Passport

  • Powerful API authentication
  • Easy configuration with laravel applications
  • Secure APIs
  • Complete access to APIs while using access tokens
  • Fast and quicker 
  • Effective communication between user/client application and authorization server


The socialite is the most appropriate and user-oriented method to authenticate applications with OAuth, which supports Twitter, Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Bitbucket, Github, and Gitlab. 

It tackles the traditional method of authenticating the user with an easy and powerful method.

Key Advantage of Socialite 

  • Easy social signups and authentication of accounts 
  • Time-saving 
  • Simple installation and integration with social media accounts
  • Wide range of sites available 
  • Reduce login time and quick registration


The dusk is an end-to-end browser testing tool made for javascript applications. It provides simplified browser automation with easy to test different APIs of the application. 

It comes with default chromedriver and also compatible with selenium browser which makes testing of applications a piece of cake.

Key Advantages of Laravel Dusk

  • Effective and efficient testing method 
  • Page interactions tests
  • Faster and easy to use
  • Easy to set up
  • Save screenshot of failed test
  • Comes with power-packed features


The telescope is a useful debugging assistant made for laravel applications. It is equipped with best-in-class tools to boost the development process of applications and untouched from errors, bugs, and technical barriers.

Telescope lets you take full control in various aspects of applications like cache operations, database queries, variable dumps, bugs, exceptions, and many others.

Key Advantage of Laravel Telescope 

  • Comes with built-in authorizations tools
  • Safeguard the data
  • Provide deep insights into the application
  • Error can be resolve quickly
  • Boost the development process
  • Saves times and increase productivity


Vapor is a serverless deployment platform built for laravel. It is fueled with AWS which makes it unique, powerful, and ahead of its time.

The ability to effortlessly scale, manage and deploy the applications makes the vapor trustworthy and useful.

Key Advantages of Laravel Vapor

  • Easy restoring of a database into the vapor intuitive dashboard
  • Easy scaling of caches and creating of ElastiCache Redis clusters
  • Do countless jobs with no configuration
  • Embedded javascript for easy uploading of files with the advantage of cloud storage
  • Real-time monitoring of applications to keep the performance on the peak
  • Free of cost SSL certificate while deploying the applications
  • Varieties of unique environments
  • Ease of reversing the whole environment to correct errors
  • Seamless integration from CI pipeline
  • Countless Deployments 
  • Ease of collaboration with other teams
  • Advanced Documentation


Deploying PHP applications becomes easier with laravel forge. It allows you to deploy countless applications on a platform like amazon, digital ocean, vultr, and many others. 

Key Advantages of Laravel Forge 

  • Comes with in-built PHP, MySQL, Nginx, Redis, and other essential functionalities
  • No need to deploy codes 
  • Provide SSL certificate at free of cost
  • Ease of sharing the server management dashboard with others
  • Reduce manual efforts for queue configuration
  • Automatically installed new security updates with SSH key authentication
  • Highly secured and hassle-free database backups
  • Integrated powerful APIs
  • Splits the running sites on the server to prevent other applications from accessing the data. 
  • Automate deployment of web applications


There are a large number of frameworks available for web application development. But laravel is truly the best among them. And not to mention the excellent tooling functionalities which make laravel one of its kind.

Such functionalities and features cannot be found anywhere else if compared to other frameworks. The laravel ecosystem makes things easier for you in all facets of application development. And that is the reason why laravel is the first choice for millions of people when it comes to developing applications.