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Just to let you know there are several things about the laravel ecosystem which we have already discussed in the previous part . If you didn’t know, then go check it out.

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Table of contents

Sr. No.Ecosystem ToolsPackage For
2Spark Development
4EnvoyerTeam Management
5NovaTeam Management
6Horizon Monitoring


Mix is an excellent tool provided by laravel which is completely based on the webpacks. It provides a compilation of assets and bundles of the application like javascript file, view, bootstrap, etc 

It comes with feature-rich APIs for establishing a webpack using javascript preprocessor and other CSS.

Key Advantage of Laravel Mix

  • Ease of compiling assets without web packs
  • Powerful 
  • Easy to use
  • Ability to merge files 
  • Suitable for developing large-scale applications


The spark offers the advantage of integrating essential features and functionalities without wasting efforts on coding. Spark takes charge of things like password reset, team billing, subscription billing,  multi-factor authentication, etc.

Since spark introduced, there are a lot of enhancements done by laravel developers to make the app development process simpler and quicker.

Key Advantage of Laravel Spark

  • Built with bootstrap 4.0
  • Text can be translated in any language
  • Best in class pricing model to charge your user/team on projects
  • Excellent user interfaces
  • Highly secured 
  • Compatible with latest laravel version 
  • User impersonation to access into a user account
  • Presence of Vue.js for hasslefree front-end operations
  • Regular updates and round the clock community support
  • Fully customizable


Valet offers a fully virtualized PHP working environment for mac. All you need is to install your database server and PHP on a local machine with the help of homebrew commands. And that’s it.

You also have the advantage of a rapid local development environment even with limited resources.

Key Advantages of Laravel Valet 

  • Trouble-free installation and setup
  • PHP installations in valet boost the overall performance of application  
  • Run smoothly even with low RAM
  • Offers fast development environment
  • No configuration required to install WordPress driver 


Envoyer offers zero downtime deployment of PHP applications into multiple servers. You just need to move the codes and it will deploy across servers without interrupting the customers. 

It gives you the privilege to release the app anytime you want. Even when the web application is experiencing a huge volume of traffic.

Key Advantages of Laravel Envoyer

  • Quick Deployments without interrupting the active users on applications.
  • Countless Deployments of PHP applications
  • Deployments can be customized according to requirements
  • Advantage of adding unlimited team members
  • Reduce bottlenecks and technical barriers during deployments
  • Real-time chat notifications
  • Optimized health checks of applications
  • Rich Features


Nova is an administrative panel of applications that is elegantly crafted to provide a stunning and great user experience. It is fully customizable and comes with advanced features. 

Key Advantages of Laravel Nova

  • Matchless user experience 
  • Easy managing of resources while adding, removing or updating them
  • In-built metrics feature for easy generating the metrics
  • Coupled with laravel policies to make the application highly safe and secure.
  • Easy to use 
  • Creates engaging experience 
  • Can be configured without affecting eloquent models
  • Custom tools and filters
  • It can be configured with laravel scout for easy indexing and searching of contents in eloquent models


Horizon is a code-driven configuration to uplift the Redis queues. The horizon gives you real-time insights and complete statistics of applications, which enables to you take control of queues-related concerns, unsuccessful or incomplete jobs, etc.

Key Advantage of Laravel Horizon

  • Auto-balancing to balance the queues of workers
  • Detailed analysis
  • Boost performance 
  • Open-source
  • Easy queue monitoring 
  • Real-time notification when the queues are overloaded
  • Seamless monitoring of applications 

Wait..! We are not over yet, there are many features to discuss in part 3.