Despite the fact, that laravel is the most dominant and renowned PHP framework to build rich, powerful, and robust web-based applications. It also has a state of the art ecosystems fueled with great packages and excellent tooling amenities to transform the way we build apps.

In this series of blogs, I have thoroughly explained every single package and tool of the laravel ecosystem to help you know what they are, how they work, and what are their advantages. 

I differentiate the laravel ecosystem with tools and their use in different stages of application development. This gives you a crystal clear view of the laravel ecosystem and helps you to acknowledge it very easily.

Here is the list of tables of contents we have covered in three parts of this series.

Part One

Sr. No.Ecosystem ToolsPackage For

Part Two 

Sr. No.Ecosystem ToolsPackage For
2Spark Development
4EnvoyerTeam Management
5NovaTeam Management
6Horizon Monitoring

Part Three  

Sr. No.Ecosystem ToolsPackage For
5Vapor Deployment

So, without further ado, let’s begin our journey with part 1, and let’s see what makes the Laravel ecosystem one of a kind.


The cashier provides easy handling and managing of card payments and also is used for generating invoices. It is a reliable subscription service with seamless processing of subscription billing codes.

With a cashier, you can easily handle all subscription related activities like swapping, coupon management, cancellation request, etc.

Key Advantage of Laravel Cashier

  • Easy processing of payments
  • Well-designed 
  • Safe and secured
  • Can be integrated with different payment gateways
  • Easy recurring payments
  • Best in class handling tools and features 


The scout is a driver-based full-text search service built for eloquent models. It eliminates the manual effort of syncing search indexes according to changes in models. 

Scout also supports algolia which was previously used for indexing and searching the data.

Key Advantages of Laravel Scout 

  • Effective searching and indexing of data
  • Easy to integrate into website and with other instantsearch libraries 
  • High performance 
  • Great Algolia search experience
  • Automated data transformation 
  • Aggregator support for creating a single-point entry and centralizing searches.


The tinker offers you an interactive programming environment (Read Eval Print Loop)  to read databases effortlessly while adding and removing data from it.

You can take advantage of tinker using command lines and interact with your applications like never before. It is coupled with the PsySH package to provide you extra benefits.

Key Advantage of Laravel Tinker

  • No need to create specific routes for interacting with the database
  • Easily place eloquent queries on command lines
  • Easy to make changes in the database
  • Effective interaction with application 
  • Runs on single-user input 


Homestead is a pre-configured vagrant box that allows you to work in an amazing development environment. It eliminates the necessity to install web servers, PHP on the local machine without affecting the operating system. 

The vagrant box can be removed permanently or you can re-built them in case any mistakes happen. 

Key Advantage of Laravel Homestead

  • Compatible withLinux, Mac, and Windows
  • Easy to use with different software including apache, python, MongoDB, Docker, etc
  • Quick setup and installation 
  • Ease of managing the database
  • Great community support


Echo is a process through which you can send relevant information to the user in the form of push notifications. The notifications you want to share with users can be like update notification, server maintenance info, new promotions, etc. 

Websockets are the medium through which these push notifications are sent to the applications. It smoothly transfers the message to the app without affecting its functionality. 

Key Advantages of Laravel Echo 

  • Real-time updating
  • Easy web socket interactions
  • Efficient communication 
  • Better user engagement
  • Provide transparency


The lumen is a marvelous microservice for web applications. The convenience of getting APIs quicker and faster makes lumen one of the best miro-frameworks.

With lumen, you can use features like routing, caching, queues, and many more without configuring them.

Key Advantage of Laravel Lumen 

  • Ease of using laravel components 
  • Quick installation 
  • Faster and powerful 
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Suitable for rapid development
  • Excellent performance
  • Easy to power the APIs

The laravel ecosystem has paved the way for web development companies to make their mark. It is equipped with all the essentials needed to develop a successful web application. The tools and packages offered by the laravel ecosystem aid you in all areas of web application development. 

There are a lot more discussed in part 2. Check it out right now.