Welcome back to our second part on Benefits of Xamarin App Development.

We have already discussed in our first part what makes Xamarin as the primary solution for mobile app development and why it’s a cost-effective choice for businesses.

You must be wondering, “What we are doing here if we have already discussed everything?”

The answer is Xamarin holds some more hidden benefits that needed to uncover to deepen your trust towards this treasure of app development.

Here are five more benefits of choosing Xamarin as your go-to app development platform:

1) Full Hardware support

Xamarin-based apps are armed with native user interface controls which get you access to the far-ranging platform-specific functionalities like Android Multi-Window mode and ARKit. It means Xamarin app developers can leverage platform-based hardware acceleration and can enjoy native performance under their app.

One more hardware benefit is if your internet fails to offer connection at the time of coding, Xamarin offers you handy offline applications to continue coding without disruption. Xamarin is blessed with perfect mobile app development tools that doesn’t rely on the internet for a seamless coding experience.

2) Xamarin Talent Pool & Constraint

Xamarin is not coming alone to help you develop a smooth app. It’s coming with an entire community of expert Xamarin developers that aid you in facing challenges enjoyably rather than frustratingly. Moreover, the platform is getting extra fuel of support strength from Microsoft which is incomparable with any assistance in history.

Microsoft has always been known for its extensive support to general users as well as developers. Namely, there is an entire team dedicated to educate others who step ahead to work with Microsoft. Being a part of Microsoft, Xamarin is no different. Xamarin University has partnered with Microsoft Learn to educate current and future Xamarin app developers. It offers a wide-range of resources and practical training for those who are walking along with this ever-evolving technology. Using the support of Xamarin University, one can easily follow the learning curve of an experience C#/.Net developer with minimal effort.

3) Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD)

Xamarin mobile app development appeals hugely to businesses who embrace modern development technologies due to its Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD) capabilities. Where other frameworks fail to offer native-comparable experience, Xamarin has an upper hand offering more advantages over native apps.

Despite being a cross-platform development framework, Xamarin speeds up the process without compromising on quality and cost of app development. Any business would ask for agility and cost-efficiency where Xamarin fits perfectly well in the picture. In fact, it performs better over others with the help of its forms libraries, contributing to rapid, smooth, and simple UI development process. This entire scenario proves Xamarin to be a business-friendly platform.

4) Powerful Framework

Xamarin covers almost all major platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows. At the same time, it assures higher quality and performance that you expect from native app development. In extras, .Net Framework libraries by Android and iOS platforms enable Xamarin to make apps that users love to enjoy. All these rich set of features make Xamarin a powerful framework to work with and develop your next dream app.

5) Inbuilt Security

Microsoft provides Enterprise Mobility Suite, carrying a few useful components like Mobile data management, Device Registration, Active Directory, Authentication, and Security in the uncertain cloud environment. Xamarin and Microsoft together ensure product stability and data security as a blessing from various offerings. It’s a great advantage for developers and brands who trust Xamarin to take care of their apps from current and future potential threats. It gives businesses the freedom to focus on growth instead of worrying about hackers looking for minor holes to creep in.

And now we have come to an end

Today, Xamarin is sitting on the throne of cross-platform app development zone with many crowns of benefits on its head. The full spectrum of benefits combined with the power and security of Microsoft are making Xamarin an all-in-one solution for app development process which is a rare gem to find these days. Apart from the above-mentioned five benefits, Xamarin owns an ever-growing community of 70,000+ developers who collaborate to solve problems and enhance the software.

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