With millions of apps floating in the sea of app stores, brands are having tough competition to grab a handful of users. Icing on the cake is, today, the competition is not about developing an app. It’s about creating a mobile-first user experience through app. For delivering such an uninterrupted user experience, an app developer has to take care of tons of matters ranging from fluctuating operating systems to different screen sizes, making it challenging to offer an omni-channel experience.

But don’t worry….

Xamarin is here to end all your challenges or at least help you face them without difficulties.

Before I dive into the benefits of Xamarin, let’s have a look on what it is and how it proves to be a godsend for app developers.

What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is an open source cross-platform mobile app development framework, based on C# and allows you to develop Android and iOS apps.

Xamarin was founded by Miguel de lcaza and Nat Friedman in 2011. In 2016, Microsoft purchased Xamarin for $400-500.

Today, Xamarin is the choice of 1.4 million developers, using Xamarin products in 120 countries across the world. The basic reason for increasing usage of Xamarin is it not only allows cross-platform app development facilities, but also consists of development ecosystem to support testing and debugging products.

Without further ado, it’s time to reveal the top 5 app-development worthy benefits of Xamarin:

Top 5 Benefits of Xamarin App Development

1) Native & Cross Platform App development Features

Some can afford to develop a native app for each platform while some run out of budget and look for one-app-for-all approach. Either way Xamarin fulfills all your wishes. It can develop an app for iOS or Android only, giving you a native experience. Or it can also develop an app for iOS and Android using single codebase, giving you a cross-platform app development experience without compromising the quality of the app.

2) Shared App Logic

One of the most celebrated benefits of Xamarin among developers is its ability to share maximum 75% of coding across multiple operating systems. Application logic consisting UI layer like web service calls, backend enterprise integrations, input validation, database interactions, etc., are once coded in C# and can be shared across multiple platforms. This saves a huge time from recoding the same functions and leaves little room for bugs to enter in.

3) Easy Peasy Third Party Library Integrations

When it comes to Xamarin, integrating third party tools are as easy as spreading butter on bread. Xamarin lets you integrate various SDKs of particular mobile operating systems easily. You just need to connect Android SDK and GDK with Xamarin Studio to develop an app.

Xamarin’s adaptable nature with various native SDKs allows apps to take maximum advantage of platform-specific features which makes it a first choice for app design and development.

4) Strength of C#

Xamarin is blessed with C# based program which is a safe, secure, and pure object-oriented programming language. It is extremely easy-to-learn and flexible enough to adjust with any development environment. C# is a key reason why you don’t need to put extra efforts with Xamarin.

With Xamarin, you are ready to write apps in C# language. You can use existing written code of C# in different platforms. For example, let’s say you have written an Android App in C#. Now you can port the same coding to iOS or Windows using Xamarin. To your surprise, it’s a simple process.

5) Support of wearable apps

Xamarin is not limited to building apps for smartphones, it goes far in supporting app development for wearable devices like Android and Apple watches. Developers can use Xamarin’s Visual Studio to create apps for wearables.

To Conclude

Developing apps for multiple platforms is a time and money consuming process. Brands who have developed mobile apps to extend their business are well aware of the cost and maintenance it takes to keep up with the quality of iOS and Android. For them, Xamarin can be a game-changer in terms of money, performance, and user experience.

But this is not the end here.

Xamarin hides some more benefits in its secret box which we are going to open in our second part.

Stay tuned…

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