“A Dedicated Developer is Worth a Million Bucks”

So you have a new idea and want to turn it into software or an app. Or maybe you want to upgrade your current app or software to meet new users’ demand. In both cases, you need a developer who delicately takes care of your development needs wrapped in high-quality performance. But before you hire a developer, you have to answer one question:

Should I go for a solo freelancer or should I switch to a agency’s dedicated developer?

Now don’t say that as you are outsourcing the work what’s the difference, a freelancer and dedicated developer will make.

Trust me. There is a vast difference.

I have worked with a solo freelancer and a dedicated developer from the agency.

No doubt, they both deliver the work. But getting work delivered is not the only demand when it comes to development. Support, maintenance, deadlines, and much more is there to discuss. And we will do it soon, but first, let’s understand the critical difference between a solo freelancer and a agency’s dedicated developer.

Freelancers finish the project, and you pay them for the task done. They work as part-time jobbers whereas dedicated developers are available as full-time workers. They completely dedicate themselves to your project. You choose to pay them on an hourly basis or at the end of the month — your call and agency take a responsibility of the dedicated developer while solo freelancer can’t be guaranteed working for long term which is major risk.

Now let’s explore the perks of hiring dedicated developers instead of freelancers:

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Developer Over Freelancer

1. Creative Skills and Work

Dedicated developers focus only on your project, which applies perfectly to the creative rule quoted:

Real Achiever Do One Thing at a Time”

Additionally, they possess skills directed to one development project only instead of multiple projects from a different arena.

Freelancers manage multiple projects at a time, resulting in decreased quality in all projects. They apply a different set of skills to various projects which give rise to complexities.

Dedicated developers think more about adding current/future-ready features to your development project. While freelance developers take your project as something to finish within the deadline, leaving trends aside.

2. Team Collaboration and Support

Dedicated developers are not alone. As they work in an agency, they have support from all sides. Count on seniors, juniors, marketing department, testing team, and even from the owner who fills the holes where needed. Their team collaboration adds another layer of creativity in your project. With the help of the team, you will receive many ideas on how to make your software or app better.

On the other hand, freelancers are limited to what you need. They may not suggest a flow of ideas improving the software.

3. Agile Development

Once your product hit the market, you know well how many chances others get to copy it and create a better version. The only way to keep competitors at bay is being agile. That means to keep improving your product and services based on current or future demands.

Dedicated developers hone their skills as per the technological demands of clients as well as their customers. They keep themselves updated with new technologies, and they work hard to insert such technologies on their upcoming project. It’s the key reason why you get updated software or app from dedicated developers.

Multiple projects surround freelancers. They don’t have enough time to acknowledge new technologies. Unless a client presses on inserting trending features, they never bother to learn more. That’s why new ideas never flow from their mind.

4. Stable Environment

This is where you need security. A security that your software is in progress. The security that one by one all features taking the right place in the software. A security that your work will complete on time. Dedicated developers are jobbers. They regularly come on the job and complete the task. Freelance developers often stuck at something that makes them leave their work. And you don’t get an idea on when they will continue the work.

Dedicated developers are more about stability while freelancers stick to flexibility.

5. Planning and Management

Dedicated developers work on a planning basis. The agency schedules project-relevant tasks and assign people to work on each job. As a result, everything goes as per your expectations. As a complementary, you get updates on what’s going on the project. You can ask for changes in real-time to avoid errors at a later stage.

Freelancers are not as good at planning, scheduling, and managing as an agency of dedicated developers. Their work is random. You don’t get any updates. Only developed software at the end. It increases fallacies later and delays the completion of the software development cycle.

6. Promise of Lifetime Maintenance and Support

Dedicated developers never leave the hand of their clients. They offer 24/7/365 day support and maintenance. In the heat of the moment – errors, new features, security issues – you can call them anytime to get your problems resolved as soon as possible. Similar guarantees never come from freelancers. You may need to pay them each time you ask for help. That is also at the cost of the time it will take to rework on features.

7. High-Quality Work Delivered within Deadlines

Freelancers deliver the work once done. Sometimes they successfully meet the deadlines while sometimes they delay it. Even after that, you have to review the project to make sure that everything is residing in its place. And if any errors occur, you have to contact them again to rectify the mistakes. Assume yourself, how much time it will take to give the project back and get it after all issues resolved.

With the support of the entire team, dedicated developers complete your project on time. They are the developers, testers, and reviewers. They minimize the chances of errors and give you a fully-fledged software or app on time — no compromise on quality and zero chances of mistakes.

What’s your decision now?

If high-quality on time with the security of maintenance and support is your priority, Techcrista suggest you go for dedicated developers. Freelancers can deliver results, but assurity have slim chances. Dedicated developers have more room for result-oriented work.

If you have any other questions regarding why to choose dedicated developers, don’t forget to share it via comments. We are happy to help.

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