I was wondering, first, what a good flight mobile app should have. First, I came up with all the common features like payments options, one-way tips, round trip, etc. Then I thought, this is something everybody knows very well. Even though you are not aware of common flight mobile app features, you can check it out on any flight mobile app.

After a while, I realized about addictive features a flight mobile app should have. You know users easily become addictive to apps which have time and money saving features. Not only this, an app must make users feel comfortable and secure.

Let’s dive-in most essential features of addictive flight mobile apps

1. Visible Deals and Discounts

As soon as user land to the app, they prefer to see the rates of flight they want to travel. It’s the right time to strike in. Your deals and discounts should be clearly visible on the page from where users start their search just like MakeMyTrip.com

It’s a snapshot of time when I was booking flight. Makemytrip gave me instant discount offer to uplift my decision.

Giving deals and discounts, in advance, encourage users to stick by your app till the end of booking.

There are two other fool-proof ways to offer discounts to your users.

  1. Seasonal Sale
  2. Discount Codes

Season sale motivates enjoyable desire of users. Discount codes, at the time of payment, make users stay on your app rather than exploring price-saving options on other apps.

That’s a picture of my final booking page where I got instant discount before I had a chance of changing my mind.

Being a busy person and regular flight attendant, I don’t prefer to remember discount codes till the time I reach the payment option. What I do is making a quick check on discounts available by the payment side and click the one that saves maximum money.

2. History Tracking

Your users are your family. You must be aware of their past habits to decide what’s best for them in future. All I am saying is code your flight app the way it can record the users’ history telling where users’ often visit and what they search for, on a regular basis.

This will help you give users customize deals to help them take quick decisions with your app. Also, this is a sign of how much you take care of users’ needs.

3. Customize Flights

One thing I appreciate most about EaseMyTrip is they offer customize flights based on your requirements. With customize, I mean they offer best plans for individuals, groups of people, family and corporate trip. They have upgrade offers based on your needs and also promise to give extra privilege if you step on their plans.

You see, how the app offers plans for couples with the time limit.

If that’s not gluey, I don’t know what is?

4. Comparison Features and Putting the best deal first

Who doesn’t love options?

You might know what’s best for users, still it’s better to give them options. Options give freedom to choose. And comparison assures a right choice. When users have freedom and assurance within your app, they won’t feel like going anywhere else.

Tip: When users search for available flights, show them price list in ascending order with minimum time taken to reach the place. Cheapest one with minimum time must appear first to the list.

5. In-built Wallet

Have you heard about Paytm? It’s an addictive wallet app for most Indian users.

Paytm is well known for its huge discounts in terms of cashback. That cashback credits to Paytm wallet, not in your account. Now that’s make an app addictive. At one side, it makes users greedy for cashback, another side by giving that cashback on its own wallet, it makes users come back to app for next purchase.

That’s my Makemytrip wallet balance urging me to plan my next trip.

Isn’t that tricky?

Well then, make an app with in-built wallet offering cashback deals to make users come back.

6. Notifications on Price Changes of Searched Flight

Goibibo knows me very well.

I am a frequent traveler. So every now and then I search flights and their price for future travelling. It’s not necessary to book the flight on the spot. Sometimes I do it for pleasure. Goibibo records my searches and sends notification when there is a change in price. If price is low than what I had searched for, then I am on board.

That’s why you have to keep track on users if you never want them to forget you.

7. Revealing Free Meals (if available)

Once I was coming back from my two day trip. I was tired enough. I dozed off as soon as I sit on flight seat. After a while, when I woke up, I saw everybody enjoying free mouth-watering meal. I missed it because of my sleep. Also, I was crazy on app which didn’t tell me about free complimentary meal I will receive.

So, if free meals are available at reasonable price from any flight, your app system must highlight it to activate the taste buds of users. This will aid to flight booking decisions.

8. News on Flight Time Changes in Advance

It was my first time, when I was going through flight. I was excited. Eager to reach the airport as soon as possible. All my excitement drained out when I reached there and heard that my flight is delayed by 3 hours. I received news after I checked through security. That means no way out. Icing on the cake was I didn’t have much sources to pass those 3 killing hours.

Only if I had received that news earlier, I would have come late with no regrets. So being a user, I always wish that I receive delayed flight news early so to plan better use of my precious time.

Don’t you think that’s what other users wish?

9. Cancellation Security with Refund

Recently I booked a flight for my brother at a huge discount from an app. Unfortunately, my brother had an accident and he was unable to go. So I checked out the app to explore flight cancellation options. To my surprise, not only they denied for a refund – not even partially – they were not ready to change the name for another person to go in place of my brother. This resulted into lost trust.

No matter how much discount the app offered, all I know is that the app is not safe to book my future flights.

Users put trust only when they feel secure. Whenever I book flights, I always check whether cancellation option with refund is available there or not because nobody is sure about emergency cancellation. Make sure cancellation with refund is always mentioned to assure security.

Something like this will assure users that they can have trust on your app.

10. Travel Insurance

As I said, users need security. Travel Insurance is another way to show them how much secure they are. It’s a marketing technique too. I am gonna show you how.

Did you notice, how users will benefit, if they secure their flight with a little bit extra money. And how much you will earn from this security.

To Conclude

All you have to focus on is ease, time saving, money saving, and security for users. Not mentioning the greedy features they need to take action with your app only.

If you have plan to build mobile application and still have questions regarding which features should include in Mobile Application, talk with our mobile application development team.

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