Why Choose Techcrista Technologies

First and the foremost question comes in everyone’s mind, Techcrista gained lots of reputation in a very short time. This only sentence is sufficient to prove the quality of work and responsibility has taken care of by Techcrista. We believe in relationship, quality of work and after service support. Techcrista has the best consulting team to make your business technological advance. Engineers transforming business thought innovative ideas and out of box thinking. Techcrista has been praised all over the world for the dedication of software engineering work at the best quality.

At Techcrista Technologes, offer one end solution for all your business needs. We have the best working history in cloud software development, web / ecommerce development, mobile app development. Also we provide solutions for graphic design, web hosting, server management, SEO services which will accelerate business opportunities to large scale.

Business success depends on knowledge, proper consultation and awesome communication. Client satisfaction is our prime priority. We do depth analysis the client requirement and will be dedicatedly working to development their app. We have global presence at UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zeland, Brazil, South Africa, and many more countries. Techcrista has severed for small scale to large scale industry, entrepreneur, professional, SaaS provider and many more. Techcrista has taken care as babysitter and shown a way of open market to reach their global customers.

Let’s have a complimentary consultation for queries regarding existing software, mobile, web or new development from our services.

About Us

Cloud Services

In simple words, Cloud means software which installed in remote computers and can be accessed through the internet in any devices or particularly allowed devices for public or private usage. Our engineers have delivered successful cloud application which made experts in cloud app development. Cloud can be integrated with application like CRM, ERP, Inventory Management, Hospital Management, E-Learning Solution, Hotel Management, API, SaaS, custom dashboards. All these cloud app have shown highly satisfied solution to our clients to accelerator business where sky is the limit. Cloud infrastructure is provided by many well-known partners e.g. Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Azure, IBM, etc.

It can be upgraded on demand and easily scalable and it really cost-effective solution for every business needs. Most of the application of today’s world works on cloud. To know more about the cloud application or cloud software application, call us to get expert advice and they will give you appropriate solutions.

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Mobile App Development

Our developers love to face new challenges, this approach help us to achieve a new place in the world of mobile app development. At Techcrista Technologies, we build android app, IOS app with native and hybrid technologies. Our dedicated team can make highly intriguing, result driven, reliable and secure mobile applications. We have volumetric experience to working with so many industries such as fashion, travel, finances, entertainment, health, and manufacturing companies which are at small to enterprise level industries.

Smartphone industry comes up with the latest trend every day. It’s necessary to have the latest technological update in the mobile application development. Modus operandi of Techcrista’s engineers helps them to stay up to date with latest technological trends. Gradually, we are reaching at a new level of experience and creativity in producing the stunning mobile apps for different clients over the world. Join our team to get best mobile app with latest trends.

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Web Development

It’s most important for every business to have a global reach or have a presence on the internet. Having a website is the only solution for every business. Now, Making presence is not the only sufficient solution but also require the beauty of presenting business information to end customers. Techcrista has expert designer and web developer under the same roof to showcase eye-catching business information, must be devices friendly and search engine friendly. The information must be pretty and showcased with minimal effort of users.

We have solution for everyone's needs and comes up with an idea of providing static and dynamic web development. Websites can be managed through our custom built CMS (Content management system), even we can help to built open source technologies like Wordpress, Magento, etc.

Let's have ridden though our expert advice. Don't be shy. Reach us now and surprise your audience tomorrow.

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Our Work


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